武汉艾联科技有限公司成立于2015年。公司致力于打造高品质统一通信(UC)和CTI系统集成及呼叫中心系统和周边应用系统(CRM 等)。主要业务包括:统一通信系统、呼叫中心系统、CRM系统研发、销售、服务;企业客户服务中心系统的设计、开发及应用;企业级通信办公自动化系统的设计开发;IP电话机、耳麦话机、录音系统等产品销售服务。

公司汇集了一批优秀的业界精英,全体员工将以多年行业经验积累,坚持秉行“ 诚信第一、以客户为核心”的理念,发扬“团队合作”精神,将当今计算机及通信领域最先进的技术和市场需求相结合,不断推出性能优越、价格合理的一流产品。

Wuhan Ailian Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. The company is committed to building high-quality unified communication (UC) and CTI system integration and call center system and peripheral application system (CRM). The main business includes: unified communication system, call center system, CRM system research and development, sales and service; design, development and application of enterprise customer service center system; design and development of enterprise communication office automation system; product sales services such as IP telephone, headset, recording system, etc.

The company has gathered a group of outstanding industry elites. All employees will accumulate many years of industry experience, adhere to the concept of "honesty first, customer as the core", carry forward the spirit of "teamwork", and combine the most advanced technology and market demand in the field of computer and communication. First-class products with superior performance and reasonable price are introduced.